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جغتای ترکچه ویکی‌پدیا‌گه خوش کیلیبسیز

اوچرمسدان مقاله نامینی یاذینگ Wp/chg/

Welcome to Wikipedia in Chagatai Turkic language, which is also known as the Old Uzbek and Old Uyghur languages!
This project exists to write and develop a test Wikipedia in the Chagatai Turkic (Old Uzbek and Uyghur) language, which is currently a dead language. The successor of the Chagatay language is the modern Uzbek language and Uyghur language.

Several famous poets wrote poems in Chagatay, including the legendary Alisher Navai. Chagatai language was one of the main languages in the Chaghatai Khanate, the Timurid Empire and the Mughal Empire.

The creation of a full-fledged Wikipedia on Chagatai language will be possible when there is a sufficient number of informative articles and active participants of the project. When the test version is approved due to a sufficient number of articles and several regular active participants, all the content of these pages will be transferred to the main, full Wikipedia under the address www.chg.wikipedia.org, which will be specially created for Wikipedia in Chagatai language.

Please report the project to your friends, relatives and acquaintances if they are familiar with this language. It is better if they are Turkologists and Iranian Orientalists, literary scholars who studied the Chagatai era, who studied this language at the University, understand and can write in this dead language. There are no age or similar requirements for applicants. It is enough to register on the Wikipedia website and start editing and creating articles in this language, in this project. You can write articles on any topic.

The project is created on the basis of the Perso-Arabic script.

Since this is a test of Wikipedia all articles here must be created in the format Wp/chg/The name of the article. For example, an article about Samarkand — سمرقند — should be called here Wp/chg/سمرقند (of course, in the main Wikipedia article will be called simply سمرقند, without the technical prefix "Wp/chg").

Participants who speak the Chagatai language are encouraged to create as many substantive articles covering different areas as possible.
This is the main page of the test Wikipedia in the Chagatai Turkic language
There is also an independent Uzbek Wikipedia in the Uzbek literary language, in the Uzbek Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.
Adress — uz.wikipedia.org.
There is also an independent Uyghur Wikipedia in the Uyghur literary language, in the Uyghur Arabic and Uyghur Latin alphabets.
Adress — ug.wikipedia.org.