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Disambig bordered fade.svg This language code has been changed and no longer refers to the original language.

Code for Northern Zhuang was retired in 2008. It was split into ten codes:

  • Guibian Zhuang [zgn]
  • Liujiang Zhuang [zlj]
  • Qiubei Zhuang [zqe]
  • Guibei Zhuang [zgb]
  • Youjiang Zhuang [zyj]: Wikipedia test
  • Central Hongshuihe Zhuang [zch]
  • Eastern Hongshuihe Zhuang [zeh]
  • Liuqian Zhuang [zlq]
  • Yongbei Zhuang [zyb]
  • Lianshan Zhuang [zln].