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Cover of English translation of novel
Author Umera Ahmad
ترجمه گر Umera Ahmad
ملک Pakistan
زبان English, Urdu
Genre Novel
Publisher Ferozsons
Template:Longitem Urdu: 2004
English: 2011
Media type Urdu: Hardback
English: Paperback
ISBN ISBN 969-0-01886-8
ISBN 978-969-0-02341-4
Followed by Aab-e-Hayat

پیری کامل (یا پیر ئی کامل),[1][2] ((به اردوئ زبانئ تا: Template:Nastaliq)) meaning The Perfect Mentor, is a fiction novel authored by Pakistani writer Umera Ahmad. It was first published in Urdu in 2004 and later in English in 2011. The book deals with the turning points in intervening lives of two people: a runaway girl named Imama Hashim; and a boy named Salar Sikander having an IQ level above 150.[1] The story spans a time period of around ten years. It is Ahmad's most popular work.[3] It is followed by a sequel Aab-e-Hayat.

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