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شش آبه
شیش آوه
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Location in Afghanistan
Country  اوگانستان
ولایت Nimruz Province
District Khashrowd District
۵۶۸ متر (۱,۸۶۴ پا)
نپوس (2017)
 • موچین ۳٬۰۰۰
وختێ سیمسران UTC+4:30
Main languages Balochi

شیش آوه، ((به پارسی زبانئ تا: شش آبه)) یک حلکی است که اوگانستان خاشرودء ولسوالی نیمروز ولایت تها موقیعیت داریت. This village located on the right bank of the Khash Rud River and about 8 miles west of Khash village. Per G.P. Tate information in 1904 year, this village was the residence of Akbar Khan, Baluch, Uzbakzai tribes, and in that time there were number of There are 110 families forming 12 ghani pagos. Also, it is said, there was enough waste land near the village to find work for 40 pagos.[1]

گیشتیر بوانیت[edit | edit source]

سرچمگ[edit | edit source]

  1. Historical and Political Gazetteer of Afghanistan, Vol. 2: Farah and Southwestern Afghanistan, Author: Adamec, Ludwig W. India. Army. General Staff Branch. Year 1973. (search), Page 278.

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