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یکی شه سواری هیوانان اینت که دیما په جنگا گیشتیر ایستیپاده ئه بوت.

A large brown horse is chasing a small horse in a pasture.
Size varies greatly among horse breeds, as with this full-sized horse and a miniature horse.
Two horses in a field. The one on the left is a dark brown with black mane and tail. The one on the right is a light red all over.
Bay (left) and chestnut (sometimes called "sorrel") are two of the most common coat colors, seen in almost all breeds.
Diagram of a horse skeleton with major parts labeled.
The skeletal system of a modern horse
Close up of a horse eye, with is dark brown with lashes on the top eyelid
A horse's eye
Film showing a horse running.
The gallop
اسپی راه شوتین بی صورت سه گام-سه گام (۱۹ تا ۲۴ کیلومتر بی ساعت)