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لاتینی سیاھگ
رومنءِ سیاھگ
سیاھگءِ ڈؤل
کاربندگءِ دؤر
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زبانانThe languages of Europe that do not use Cyrillic or Greek; most languages of Africa that do not use Ethiopic or Arabic script; the languages of the Americas; the languages of Oceania, incl. the Malay Archipelago; and a number of languages of Asia such as Vietnamese.

Official script in:

132 sovereign states

Co-official script in:

3 international organizations
Related scripts
پُشتی سیاھگ
چُککݔن سیاھگ
گُھارݔن سیاھگ
ISO 15924
ایزو 15924Template:Mono Template:Mono, ​Template:ISO 15924 name
Unicode alias
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See Latin characters in Unicode
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