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  • Mpaninfo se: abofra bo nwaw na ommo akyekyere.

Meaning: The elders say: a child only cracks the shell of a snail and not tortoise.

  • Abofrahu nensa hohoro a one mpanimfo to nsa didi.

Meaning: The child who has learnt to wash his hands, is fit to eat with his elders.

  • Wonyen abofra te se akoa na onyin a wafa nadehyeye.

Meaning: A child is so trained that he may eventually stand his own feet.

  • Nnipa ye de na ne nam na wonwe

Meaning: Humans are enjoyable, but their flesh cannot be eaten.

  • Obarima mfa n'ahooden nware.

Meaning: A man should treat his wife as an equal and not a humble dependant.