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  • Adwene te se ngo, se eda a, wonan no.

meaning: The mind behaves like solidified, cold fat; heat melts it.

  • Abodwe a kekaw te mu no, se nnya mu tenabea

meaning: A rotten tooth will eventually fall out of an aching jaw.

  • Se anantu ye kese sen sere a na yare na ewo mu.

meaning: If the calf is bigger than the thigh, then there is some sickness in it.

  • Nsa a ennye adwuma no nnidi.

meaning: The hand that does not work does not eat.

  • Se eti nteww a ennyae kyew soa.

meaning: If the head has not fallen off the neck, it does not stop carrying the hat.

  • Ese ne tekrema mpo tumi ko.

meaning: The teeth and the tongue do fight at times.