User:StevenJ81/Sysop transition

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Congratulations! [[:{{{code}}}:|{{{projectname}}}]] has been created!

An exporter has completed exporting the test wiki to the new location, so you should be good to go. Just a couple of things from here:

  • Have a final check in the coming days to make sure you think everything is ok. I am going to remove the test-admin right from your account shortly.
  • Test-admins do not automatically become administrators on the new project. To become an administrator, you need to do the following:
  1. Create an "RfA" page (the equivalent of I:RFA or m:WM:RFA) and open a nomination there. It needs to run at least seven days.
  2. When seven days are up, go to m:SRP and ask the stewards to give you administrator rights. As long as there are no objections at the local wiki discussion, they will do that.
  3. Administrator status in small and startup wikis is always temporary. Stewards usually start people off with three months, but if you mention that you were a test admin here, they might let you start with six months.

Any questions, please get in touch. Again, congratulations, and good luck!


For administrator use only. It is preferable to substitute this template.
Please add the following parameters:
|code=code: Project code. For Wikipedias, include only the three-letter language code. For other projects, use the standard wikilink codes (e.g., wikt:xxx, b:xxx, y:xxx, etc.)
|projectname=Language_name Project_name: Language name and project name, in English (e.g., "Liliputian Wikipedia", "Martian Wikivoyage")
|exporter=[[User:SPQWarburg]]: This is optional, and names the individual that actually did the export. If this parameter is excluded, the template will read "An exporter ..."
Don't forget to sign your message. There is no signature in the template.