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Options for interwiki links to Incubator.

Langlist[edit | edit source]

Possible with current setup, but manual updating

http://noc.wikimedia.org/conf/langlist defines the languages of Wikimedia (-> Special:SiteMatrix). If you go to xyz.wikiproject.org that does not have a database, it uses the script missing.php which redirects to Incubator.

Consequently, we can add any language code which will make it function as normal wikis (e.g. interwiki links work), except that the wikis redirect to Incubator. The issue is here that this requires manually editing the langlist by WMF devs with shell access.

Adapting the interwiki update script[edit | edit source]

Some coding required, then it's automatically updated

The interwiki cache is semi-automatically updated using dumpInterwiki.php -- this takes links from meta:Interwiki map as well as language links based on the langlist.

We could adapt the script so languages in MediaWiki that are not in langlist, add a language link with a URL to incubator directly. Currently, this consists of languages in Names.php that are not in the langlist, however I plan to add all languages so this could well work for any language.

Full redirects[edit | edit source]

Ideal World

The current redirect system hacks the "this wiki does not exist" error page. This excludes any non-recognized subdomain.

In the Ideal Word, any xyz.wikiproject.org would just redirect to Incubator if not found, instead of returning "server not found". However, apparently wildcards in the DNS/Apache stuff cannot be done.