User:Revibot I/A

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bot tracking page. Nothing appears in the target page.
If you are lazy, just paste this and forget. This will archive the destination talk page, which is older than 28 days, split every 100K bytes. It will not archive until there're more than two sections to archive. It will leave 5 latest sections as is. You can replace "Archive" to your language. It should not have problem.
Currently, this bot is restricted to whitelisted pages User:Revibot I/Whitelisted and User talk: namespace pages. Other pages are ignored, and you need to talk with me before it will work.
{{User:Revibot I/A
 |archive             = {{SUBST:FULLPAGENAME}}/Archive %(counter)d
 |algo                = old(28d)
 |counter             = 1
 |maxarchivesize      = 100K
 |archiveheader       = __NOINDEX__