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    Welcome - Bienvenidos - Willkommen[edit | edit source]

    I created this page in order to comment on mapudungun in languages different from mapudungun. After all, we still face the problem of engaging native mapudungun speakers in this project.

    Wenewen writing system and its predecessors[edit | edit source]

    The following Wenewen ("new strength") writing system is a development of (and somewhat similar to) the Nhewenh ("fisher net") writing system, created in 1995. The table entries show the preferred representations of all phonemes; however, some letters within parentheses () may alternatively be used without disturbing overall intelligibility.

    Phoneme Realizations Wenewen Augusta Uniling Raguileo Nhewenh
    /a/ a a a a a
    /t͡ɕ/ c (or ch) ch ch c ch
    /θ/ [θ], [ð] sd (or z) d d z sd
    /e/ e e e e e
    /f/ [f], [v] f f f f f
    /ɣ/ q q g q q
    /i/ i i i, y i i, y
    /k/ k k k k k
    /l/ l l l l l
    /l̪/ ld l· l b ld
    /ʎ/ lh ll ll j lh
    /m/ m m m m m
    /n/ n n n n n
    /n̪/ nd n· n h nd
    /ɲ/ nh (or ñ) ñ ñ ñ nh
    /ŋ/ g η ng g g
    /o/ o o o o o
    /p/ p p p p p
    /ɻ/ ? r r r r r
    /s/ [s], [ɹ] s (or r) s s - -
    /ʃ/ ? [ʃ], [ʒ] sh sh sh s sh
    /t/ t t t t t
    /tt/ ? tt - - - tt
    /t̪/ td t· t - td
    /tʵ/ tr (or x) tr tr x tr
    /u/ [u], [o] u u u, w u u, w
    /ɨ/ [ɨ], [ə] y (or ÿ) ü ü v v
    /ə/ [ə] v (or y,ÿ) ë ü v v
    /w/ w w w w w
    /j/ j y y y y