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Shahryar was certainly an eloquent voice of his oppressed people in combating Persian racism. To prove this point, suffice to mention his famous poem titled “Tehran va Tehrani” (1967) in which he daringly confronts the dehumanization and ‘donkification’ of the Turks and all Turkic peoples in the dominant Persian narrative:

Hey you, the Tehrani!

Let’s be fair!

Which of us is a donkey?

You or I?

en:Pirouz Mojtahedzadeh:

"Sometimes we hear some dire things from Azerbaijan that shows the influence of Pan-Turkism ideas. Some people say that the lessons should be taught in Turkish language in Schools of Azerbaijan region. This shows the spreading of racist thoughts. Don't these people ask from themselves that in which multi-ethnical country, teaching in states are done in local language? That Iran should be the second?" Ettelaat newspaper, 1377/10/22, No. 22106

fa:محمود افشار یزدی M.Afshar (he is one of the founders of Pan Iranism) believes that:

"...But by talking of completing national unity, we mean that the Persian language should be widespread in all country, local differences in clothes, ethics and other aspecs, should be wiped out and the Federation system have to be completely destroyed. Kurds, Lurs, Qashqays, Arabs, Turks, Turkmens and others must not have any differences, they must not wear different clothes and talk in different languages...

... So we all must want and try that the Persian language become widespread in all country and replace outsider languages...

... We can move some persian-speaking people to the outsider-speaking regions and reside them there in villages and in exchange move the outsider-speaking people of there to persian-speaking regions. The geographical names that are remnants of outsider languages and the invasions of Genghis khan and Timur, must be changed to Persian names." M. Afshar, Our first wish: Natianal unity of Iranians, Ayandeh, 1 (Khordad 1304)

fa:جواد شیخ‌الاسلامی Jadad Sheikhol-islam: Turkish infants separated from their mothers + donkeys Turks (Racist jokes)

en:Jalal Al-e-Ahmad describe these ideas:

"But they don't have the right to speak in their mother tongue on Art, Culture, Public media and Communications sections. They have to use Persian. This mean that the use of their mother tongue in Schools, Radio, TV and other Media and on governmental messagings are forbidden. From the beginning of this hijri century onwards, the regime of Tehran tried to make the people of all country look alike... and now it's been more that forty years that all efforts of all governments are focused on wiping out Turkish language; they named it 'Azeri', a forced language." در خدمت و خیانت روشنفکران، جلال آل احمد، به نقل از مجله وارلیق، بهار سال 1368، شماره 72، ص9-27

en:Reza Baraheni

“In the mid-1940s, when the autonomous government in Iran was overthrown, Turkish was banned and Persian was instated as the official language. I was 11 and my family was living in Tabriz at the time,” recalls Reza Baraheni. “I wrote a school paper in Azeri, a Turkish dialect that was the mother tongue of the local population, after it was forbidden. When I put it up on the board, the prefect tore it down, grabbed me by the neck and forced me to lick it. The other pupils started laughing. I would come to realize that the repression of writing and language—of the tongue passed down by women—could turn language naturally into a hidden fount wielding enormous power.”

Baraheni, Reza (2005) Idea&s Magazine (Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto) 2 (1)

You can read more information in "Iran and the Challenge of Diversity: Islamic Fundamentalism, Aryanist Racism, and Democratic Struggles." Alireza Asgharzadeh, Palgrave Macmillan, May 15, 2

اینگیلیسجه‌یه ترجومه اولونمالیدیرلار[edit]

مستوفي استاندار دست نشانده پهلوي در آذربايجان از سرشماري به عنوان خر شماري ياد کرد و مي گفت:"آذربايجاني ها ترکند ! يونجه خورده مشروطه گرفته اند حالا نيز کاه مي خورند ايران را آباد مي کنند. "محسني رئيس فرهنگ وقت مي گفت((هر کس که ترکي حرف بزند افسار الاغ بر گردنش انداخته و به آخور ببنديد)) ، زوقي رئيس فرهنگ بعد محسني در مدرسه هاي آذربايجان صندق جريمه ترکي گذاشت و کودکي که به ترکي زبان مي گشود ناچار مورد جريمه قرار ميگرفت.

محمود افشار وصيت کرده بود که علاوه بر نهادينه کردن زبان فارسي به عنوان زبان همه ايرانيان ، مدارسي شبانه روزي تحت عنوان "مدارس مادرانه " در آذربايجان برپا شود تا زبان مادري اين مردم بعد از چند نسل به طور کامل از بين رود . مشابه همين عقيده مي توان به تئوري بي رحمانه و نژاد پرستانه جواد شيخ الاسلامي ديگر تئوريسن اين بنياد اشاره کرد. شيخ الاسلامي تئوري جداکردن اجباري کودکان آذربايجان و ديگر مناطق ترک نشين از مادرشان و پرورش آن ها در شيرخارگاه هايي مخصوص که تا هفت سالگي با والدين شان هيچ ارتباط زباني نداشته باشند را تسليم ديکتاتور وقت و ديگر همفکران خويش کرد.