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In the name of Kebab.

This user left the Wikimedia projects because of existence of double standards in it. Why South Azerbaijani language the 38th most spoken languageEthnologue, 100 top languages edited at 1999The copy of ethnologue document. with about 24,000,000 speakers doesn't deserve to have at least wikipedia that decided by Language Committee? Why does Eastern Farsi(39th), Uzbek(53th), Malay(54th), Indonesian(56th), Czech(73th), Greek(74th), Bulgarian(88th), Swedish(89th), Uighur(98th), North Azerbaijani(100th) and Kurmanji(106th) most spoken languages, besides many other languages that the number of its speakers are less than South Azerbaijani have at least a wikipedia? I hope that this condition will change later.

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