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Hello! I am Arcuscloud, Wikimedia Projects Contributor.

About me

Starting to edit Wikipedia in July 2019 after participating in training about how to edit in Wikipedia, now I am contributing in various topics within various projects such as, Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, and etc. The reason why I contribute is I love adding something that I recently know. I love sceneries such as, cloud-type, cloud-species, milky way, old town, small village, mountains, river, sea, and etc. I also interest in multidisciplinary knowledge such as linguistics, mathematics, anthropology, philology, and geography.

My contributions

Various things I have added in Wikimedia Projects based on my eagerness. My prior contributions on Banjar Wikipedia was cars articles by translating Indonesian articles on Indonesia Wikipedia and literary figure articles because I have a book that contains collection of literary figure profiles. Despite of cars and literary figure articles I have added on Banjar Wikipedia, I also wrote several articles with various topics as geography, sociology, and etc even though number of those articles are few. I am planning to write more various topics articles there in spite of my occupation in real life. Moreover, I also contribute to Banjar Wikipedia sisters' projects such as Banjar Wiktionary and Banjar Wikiquote.

Contributing to local projects is exhausting sometimes. I was back then thinking to scale up my contributions to other projects in purpose avoiding repetitive activities on local projects. Therefore, I am also editing in Indonesia Wikipedia, Indonesia Wikisource, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. Right now, I am contributing to Wikidata since I have a grant project there.

Besides providing my time voluntarily to contribute to Wikimedia Projects, I am also involving in Wikimedia Banjar and Wikimedia Indonesia in various involvement. Most of the involvement are coordinator for several meets up and training. Further involvement could be seen below:


Organized events

Other works