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make hay while the sun shines.

About me

Hello! It's Arcuscloud from Indonesia! feel free to contact me :)

I love sceneries such as, cloud-type, cloud-species, milky way, old town, small village, mountains, river, sea, and etc. I also interest in multidisciplinary knowledge such as linguistics, mathematics, anthropology, philology, and geography.

My work

I have been contributing on several Wikimedia projects such as, Wikipedia Banjar, Wiktionary Banjar, Incubator Wikiquote Banjar, Wikidata, Wikisource, Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia. I am also part of Wikimedia Banjar and Wikimedia Indonesia

Most of my involvement in Wikimedia Banjar and Wikimedia Indonesia are as a contact-person of Wikimedia Banjar for 2021 and a coordinator for several meets-up and training held by Wikimedia Indonesia such as temu data, temu daring, kelas wikidata, wikilatih daring, wikilatih kilat Banjar, and etc.

User language
bjn-N Pamakai ngini pamandir asli nang paham banar Bahasa Banjar.
id-N Pengguna ini merupakan penutur asli bahasa Indonesia.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
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