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"Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing." Jimbo Wales, Wikipedia co-founder

Basic information

  • Hi! My name is Aleksandar (/alěksaːndar/). I registered on the Serbian Wikipedia on June 30, 2017. However, I started actively contributing in early November.
  • On, I became autopatroller, rollbacker, and reviewer on February 11, February 16, and March 1, 2018, respectively. I've been administrator since July 26, 2019. Besides, I'm also autopatrolled on the Meta-Wiki and MediaWiki.
  • I'm interested in a variety of topics; I don't have a specific area that I exclusively edit. I pay the most attention to orthography and technical topics/issues. Do not hesitate and feel free to ask me a question when it comes to these topics, but also about any other.
  • I advocate that Wikipedia articles be as neutral as possible because neutrality is one of the core principles of the encyclopedia.
  • You can contact me in three ways: by leaving a message on my talk page, by writing an email, and by sending a message on Discord.
  • On, I'm the founder and coordinator of Wikiproject "Content Translation". Also, I'm a member of Wikiproject Biography and Medicine.

Немањићи — рађање краљевине Дечаци Павлове улице Дискографија групе Rage Against the Machine

The oath

This oath, like all my contributions, is public domain:

  • I won't disrespect or insult other users;
  • I won't vandalize pages;
  • I won't enter edit wars;
  • I won't create alternative accounts (sockpuppets) for malicious purposes (Note: My other accounts are: Aca2, Kukeremukere, and AcaBot);
  • I won't abuse the rights I have.