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About this image


This template Country map provides an easy to use country map with links to categories (or articles) on the specific subject per company.

Only countries with an existing link are shown.


1. Size of the map (default 720, display sthe map 720x491px)
2. The prefix of the links (Default "Category:")
3. For each country a specific link can be specified. The paramater name is the ISO 3166-1 country code (and some ISO 3166-2 codes)

The county parameters are optional, ands only to be used in case the default link provided by parameter 2 in combination with the ist of countries provided does not correspendent to the actual name of the category (or article)


on commons:Category:Churches by country the following template can be placed:

{{Countrymap|720|Category:Churches in}}


{{Countrymap|720|Category:Churches in
|MH=Category:Churches on the Marshall Islands

The parameter MH= is needed because the category for the Marshall Islands is not called Category:Churches in the Marshall Islands but Category:Churches on the Marshall Islands