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This template employs some extremely complicated and/or esoteric features of template syntax.

Please do not attempt to alter it unless you are certain that you understand the setup and are prepared to repair/revert any consequent collateral damage if the results are unexpected. Any experiments should be conducted in the template sandbox or your user space.

[[Image:{{{image_flag}}}|80px|Flag of {{{common_name}}}]] [[Image:{{{image_coat}}}|70px|Coat of arms of {{{common_name}}}]]
Kefiya Arma
[[Image:{{{image_map}}}|260px|center|Location of {{{common_name}}}]]
Paytext {{{capital}}}
Suka tewr gırse {{{largest_city}}}
Zon {{{official_languages}}}
Hukmat {{{government_type}}}
 - Pêro piya {{{area}}}
 - Awe % {{{percent_water}}}
 - Pêro piya {{{population_estimate}}}
 - Sıxletênia nıfusi, km² sero {{{population_density}}}/km²
Zuyênia peru {{{currency}}} ({{{currency_code}}})
Warê saete {{{time_zone}}}
Kılmnustê interneti {{{cctld}}}
Kodê têlefoni +{{{calling_code}}}