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Usage[edit source]

General[edit source]

When one of the following examples is placed inside a given template, it adds navbar navigational functionality:

{{Wp/khw/Navbar|{{subst:PAGENAME}}|fontstyle=color: green; font-style: italic;}}
The {{subst:PAGENAME}} will be substituted with the template's name when parsed by the servers. For example, {{Wp/khw/Navbar|Navbar/doc}} gives:

Font-size[edit source]

Font-size is 88% when used in a navbar, and 100% when nested in a navbox. In the navbar, the weight is "normal"; when nested in navbox, it takes on the outer setting. The middot is bold. The |fontstyle= parameter can be used to adjust font size as needed (e.g. to reduce font size even more when the template is used inside a block element with a large font size).

Examples[edit source]

Required parameters[edit source]

  • {{Wp/khw/Navbar|Template Name}} – the template name is required.

Optional parameters[edit source]

Options Parameters Produces... "Shortcut" template
Basic {{Wp/khw/Navbar|Template Name}}
Different text {{Wp/khw/Navbar|Template Name|text=This template:}}
Without "This box:" text {{Wp/khw/Navbar|Template Name|plain=y}} {{Wp/khw/view}}
Short version {{Wp/khw/Navbar|Template Name|mini=y}} {{Wp/khw/v}}
With brackets {{Wp/khw/Navbar|Template Name|brackets=y}}
With font styling examples (span) {{Wp/khw/Navbar|Template Name|fontstyle=color: green; font-style: italic;}}
With whole-template styling examples (Wp/khw/div) {{Wp/khw/Navbar|Template Name|style=float:right; background: Beige; padding: 5px; border: 1px solid;}}

Shortcut templates[edit source]

The mini=y and plain=y parameters can be avoided by using the {{Wp/khw/v}} or {{Wp/khw/view}} templates, respectively, instead.

{{Wp/khw/view}} and {{Wp/khw/v}} also support changing the shown links, for example only view and edit, or only view and talk:

Code Result

Notes[edit source]

Navbar is contained within a <div>...</div> in order to accommodate a horizontal unnumbered list. This means it cannot be placed inside a <span>...</span> or other inline element, because the HTML Tidy extension will 'fix' situations where it finds block elements inside inline elements.

Prepackaged[edit source]

Positions on the right edge of the line, often used in non-collapsible navbox heading.
For use in conjunction with NavFrame divs, positions opposite of the [hide]/[show] feature.
For use in conjunction with Wp/khw/Collapsible tables, floats opposite of the [hide]/[show] feature.

See also[edit source]

Navigation templates comparison
Collapsible Header color Image Groups Style (body)
{{Wp/khw/Navbox}} collapsible navbox Left/right of body Yes Yes
{{Wp/khw/Navbox with collapsible groups}} collapsible navbox Left/right of body and/or in each list Yes Yes
{{Wp/khw/Navbox with columns}} collapsible navbox Left/right of columns No Yes
Collapsible attributes
Type CSS classes JavaScript Collapses when Custom
initial state
Collapsible tables collapsible Defined in Common.js 2 or more autocollapse on page Yes Yes

TemplateData[edit source]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly error report for this template.

TemplateData for Wp/khw

When placed inside a given template, it adds navbar navigational functionality

Template parameters[Edit template data]

Template Name1

The name of the template, so links work correctly

Different texttext

Allows custom text to replace the default 'this box'

This box
Without 'This box:' textplain

Removes 'This box'

Short Versionmini

Shortens text to V T E

with bracketsbrackets

adds brackets before and after the links

Font colorfontstyle

Allows you to change the color of the font (in the format color:green)

To float to the sidestyle

Allows the template to float to the side (format=float:right)