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Usage[edit source]

This template defines a bot-generated list based on Wikidata (original blog post). It must be "closed" with {{Wikidata list end}}; the text between these two templates will be periodically (once every 24h) replaced by the bot-generated list. At this moment, only one list per page is possible.

The query MUST include the ?item variable - do not rename it.

It is also possible to combine usage with the Mbabel tool, for Wikipedia article drafts based on a particular Wikidata query - see Wikipedia:Mbabel/Collections.

Use in mainspace[edit source]

There is no consensus to use this template and Template:U to maintain lists in article space per Wikipedia:Bots/Noticeboard/Archive 13#Re-examination of ListeriaBot. Any uses of this template in mainspace will produce an error message (Template:Error) and populate Category:Pages with templates in the wrong namespace, and will not be updated.

Example[edit source]

... (This will be overwritten by ListeriaBot) ...
{{Wikidata list end}}

Parameters[edit source]

A SPARQL SELECT query. See SPARQL query service examples where many are suitable for Listeria. Needs to return ?item as the item number. Double curly brackets (for example "}}") should be avoided, for example by inserting a space between them ("} }"). Mandatory.
Defines the columns of the list table. Allowed values are :
  • number, a serial row number (per section), increasing from 1, according to the initial sorting
  • label, the wiki-language-based label of the item, linked to the local article (where exists), or the Wikidata item. Labels without values for the wiki-language will show the english label as a fallback
  • label/xx, the wiki-language-based label of the item, using the given language code (here, "xx"), as plain text. Labels without values for the requested language will show the english label as a fallback
  • alias/xx, the wiki-language-based list of aliases for the item, using the given language code (here, "xx"), as plain text.
  • description, the manual, or auto-generated description
  • item, the Q item number
  • Pxxx a Wikidata property
  • Pxxx/Pzzz, qualifier properties; for Pxxx linking to an item Qyyy and having a Pzzz qualifier, the Qxxx linked label and the value of Pzzz
  • Pxxx/Qyyy/Pzzz, qualifier properties; for Pxxx linking to an item Qyyy and having a Pzzz qualifier, the value of Pzzz. This is a version of the above, specific for a single item; e.g., "p553/q866/p554" to get YouTube account names.
  • ?fieldname, a SPARQL result field name (variable).
A column header is specified by adding ":Header" suffix to the column definition, otherwise the Wikidata property (language) name is used. For quantities (numerical properties) where lower and upper bounds are indicated as nominal value +/- tolerance (for example 15 +/- 5), only the nominal value (15) is shown. Case sensitive. Since the release of May 2021 single quotes are not supported (causes the query to fail with a "not edited" message).
The initial sort key for the table. Valid values are:
  • label, the label of the item
  • family_name, tries to find, and sort by, the family (last) name from the label, assuming items are people. This is a heuristic and may not work properly in all cases. If possible, try to sort by P734 (family name).
  • Pxxx, a Wikidata property
The list can be sectioned by a Wikidata property. Optional. Can be a property number (preferably prefixed by P), or a ?fieldname.
The minimum number of entries to generate a section when used together with section. All other entries will be put under section "misc". Default:2. Optional
If description is a column but no description exists on Wikidata, "autolist=fallback" uses AutoDesc to generate one. Optional
Label/description language, if different from site language. Optional
The thumbnail width for images (e.g. column P18). Default:128. Optional
How to render links (properties with datatype item) not in the local Wikipedia. Valid values are:
  • all to link to Wikidata. Default.
  • local to remove entries for which there exists no local article (the opposite of red_only).
  • red to generate red links based on label and item.
  • red_only to remove entries for which there exists a local article (the opposite of local).
  • text to generate blue links for existing pages, and plain text otherwise.
  • reasonator to generate blue links for existing pages, and links to Reasonator otherwise.
Generates a template call rather than a table row; the template must then generate the table row in turn or the table header/footer need to be suppressed using skip_table parameter. Parameters passed to the template are the lower-case keys from the columns parameter, e.g. label or p18. Optional
Generates a template call rather than a table header; the template must then generate the table header. No parameters are passed to this template. Recommended to be used with row_template. Optional
Suppresses the table markup completely when using row_template. Any value will work.
Generates information that allows Wikidata editing from Wikipedia using this JavaScript. Value needs to be yes. Does not work when row_template is used. Caution: This will result in larger wikitext than normal, and updates may fail because of that. Optional
Add references. Allowed value is all. Requires

ERROR: This page is using an unprefixed version of template {{Tl}}

Create {{Wp/igl/Tl}} instead and replace all occurences of {{Tl}} in Wp/igl/ prefixed pages by that.

You may like to check 1 template in Category:Wp/igl/Templates using unprefixed template Tl first to remove all occurences from those templates which will fix the pages containing those templates too.

{{reflist}} or similar somewhere in the page. Optional

Numerical value X; wait at least X days before an automatic update. Default 1. Does not affect updates via web interface. Optional
Comma-separated list of keys to add as a summary underneath all other content. Optional
  • itemnumber The total number of items (rows) in this list.
Set to no if the SPARQL has multiple results for the same item, and you want them in in separate list rows (since V2). Optional

Bug reports[edit source]

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