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Kazi Nazrul Islam (May 25, 1899 — August 29, 1976) was a Bengali poet and composer best known as the Bidrohi Kobi ("Rebel Poet"). Widely popular today among Bengalis everywhere, he is also the national poet of Bangladesh. Nazrul made his mark as a revolutionary poet through poems such as Vidrohi ("Rebel") and Bhangar Gan ("The Song of Destruction"). Nazrul's writings explored themes such as love, freedom, and revolution; he opposed all forms of bigotry, particularly Muslim religious fundamentalism and gender divides. The patriotic stance expressed in his publications like the Dhumketu ("Comet"), often got him into prison, but even there he wrote fiery pieces such as Rajbandir Jabanbandi ("Deposition of a Political Prisoner"), an intense critique of imperialism. He wrote short stories, novels and essays, but is best known for his poems, in which he pioneered new forms such as Bengali ghazals. Nazrul wrote and composed music for his nearly 3000 songs, which constitute the body known as Nazrul Sangeet.