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Gicená niviştánk[edit source]


Sumerian 26th c Adab.jpg
26th century BC Sumerian cuneiform inscription listing gifts to the high priestess of Adab on the occasion of her election


Cardinal vowels-Jones x-ray.jpg
An X-Ray of the four cardinal vowels [i, u, a, ɑ] during speech.


Palenque glyphs-edit1.jpg
Maya glyphs in stucco at the Museo de sitio in Palenque, Mexico


Trisulam railway station nameboard.JPG
The three language (Tamil, English and Hindi) name board at the Tirusulam railwaystation in South India


Coat of Arms of Tajik ASSR.jpg
The coat of arms of the Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic circa 1929. "Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic" is written (from top to bottom) in Tajik Latin, Tajik Perso-Arabic and Russian Cyrillic.

Xuást[edit source]

Pen niviştánk ase dá rid aŧí avár kanning kin dá panna ná ítgap panna ģá xuást kabo. Minnatvár!