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This is documentation for {{Wn/shn/Aband}} and {{Wn/shn/Abandoned}}. This is not the template

တႃႇၸႂ်ႉ မိူဝ်ႈလႂ်[edit source]

After four days unedited, unpublished articles may be marked abandoned (per WN:PROD).

လွင်ႈၸႂ်ႉတိုဝ်း[edit source]

Call in one of the following ways:

  • {{subst:aband}} (Automatically includes the correct date)
  • {{abandoned|ဢေႇပရႄႇ 17, 2024}} (Be sure to use the correct date)
  • {{Wn/shn/Abandoned}} (Has no date, links to edit history for date)

Dates more than a year in the future or past may cause problems (incorrect number of days).

တူဝ်ယၢင်ႇ[edit source]

Internals[edit source]

The message is generated by subtemplate {{Wn/shn/Abandoned/msg}}, which takes the number of days' warning as a parameter, thereby documenting that constant in the message markup. This template and its subtemplate may put the page in various of the following categories:

At this writing, the software platform does not update categorization that depends on date; so, while the bottom of a tagged page will show a category "Abandoned, to be deleted in 1 day", or whatever, the page will not show up on the list under that category unless the page has been edited on the current date.