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To translate the welcome template to Template:Welcome/xx, please use the following:

| welcome = Welcome to Wikimedia Incubator!
| create = (to create a wiki)
| lang-support=Language support
| text =
At the right there are some important links, and here are some tips and info:
* If you haven't created a user page yet, please [[Special:MyPage|create one]] with for example [[Template:User language|User language templates]] on it.
* You can select your interface language in [[Special:Preferences|your preferences]].
* If you make articles, templates or categories, don't forget to add a [[Help:FAQ#Prefix|prefix]]!
* If your knowledge of English is good, you can [[Incubator:Translation project|help with translating]] pages to other languages you know, so more people can understand it!
* If you want to translate the interface, please go to [[translatewiki:|Translatewiki.net]] and [[translatewiki:Special:FirstSteps|follow the instructions]].

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on [[Incubator:Community Portal]].

If it is an RTL language, add the parameter |dir=rtl