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Usage[edit source]

This template is used by Wrh2Bot to flag links that are invalid, making them easier to find and update.

Using {{Wb/syl/Dead link}} will tag broken links, but by default the template does not generate any visible output. To see links in an article that have been flagged as broken users can enable the ErrorHighligher gadget from Special:Preferences. Articles containing broken links are also added to Category:Wb/syl/Articles with dead external links, while articles containing links that were previously flagged as dead that have since come back to life (often indicating domain sniping) are added to Category:Wb/syl/Articles with formerly dead external links.

Append this template directly after the link or template, leaving the original link intact.

Common form (with current date)

{{wb/syl/Dead link|ꠝꠦ 2024}}

For links that were previously dead that have returned to life

{{wb/syl/Dead link|January 2014|ꠝꠦ 2024}}

For links that aren't dead, but a bot thinks they are (doesn't work on all bots)