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Template:Wb/lad/Allbooks category/core2/doc

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This template implements the final phase of internal processing for template {{Wb/lad/Allbooks category}}. On entry here, we already know the subject page exists and is correctly formatted for extraction of its parameters.

Usage[edit source]

There are three parameters, assumed to be specified (even if blank).

  • {{{parent}}} — the name of a parent subject, or blank.
  • {{{parent2}}} — the name of a parent subject, or blank.
  • {{{subject}}} — the name of the subject associated with this allbooks category; just the name of this category without the "/all books" suffix.

This template attempts to add this allbooks category to the allbooks categories associated with the parent subjects, via {{Wb/lad/Allbooks category/parent}}, and provides a notice that this allbooks category should be populated automatically.

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