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Latest comment: 13 years ago by AlimanRuna

I created this page but feel free to change the name of the red (and blue) links to names that seem more appropriate - and fill in the other two columns. I really don't know what to do with country names :

1. Use the Spanish name (Alemania, Finlandia)

2. Use the native name (Deutshland, Suomi)

3. Use the Spanish name rewritten with kichwa letters (Alimaniya, Phinlandiya (?))

4. Use the native name rewritten with kichwa letters (Tutshlant, Suwumi)

5. Use a kichwa translated name when the original name "makes sense" (Shukllachishka kapak suyu)

We probably need a policy on that. So far I tend to use possibility 5. if possible and, if not, possibility 1.

We probably need a policy on that (which can always be changed later).

2. is probably difficult to understand in many cases but very seducing in when these names are in traditional "indigenous" languages, like for Hungary - Magyar, Finland - Suomi, New Zealand - Aotearoa.

3. is (I think) the version used for many articles in the quechua wikipedia.

4. would be a bad solution in my opinion because really the most difficult to understand.

What do you think ? --Awkiku 09:58, 30 June 2011 (UTC)Reply

It is really difficult to find a good solution, as there have been very few Kichwa texts on international issues. I think we should use Kichwa names for countries, if they exist. Qichwa names adapted to Kichwa can also be good, e.g. in Clodoaldo Soto Ruiz's Ayakuchu Qichwa dictionary, "Ransiya" and "Ransis" is used for "France" and "French". If there is no Kichwa (or Qichwa) name in use so far, I think we should take possibility 5 - a useful and possible translation like Shukllachishka kapak suyu or Shukllachishka America/Amirika suyukuna. For all other names, our choice should be the name that it used in oral Kichwa communication and can be understood by Kichwa speakers best. Usually this will be the Spanish country name, but maybe we should write it according to Kichwa orthography, as it is done one the Qhichwa Wikipedia. -- AlimanRuna 18:47, 30 June 2011 (UTC)Reply