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The Hmong name for en:epilepsy is "qaug dab peg" (“kow da pay”) as stated in:

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Some Hmong vocabulary from Fadiman's book about Lia Lee (The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down):

  • p. viii - quav ntsuas (roughly "kwa ntshwa") - sweet stalk similar to sugar cane, and ntshav ciaj ("ntsha tya"), congealed raw pig's blood
  • p. 4 - txiv neeb - Hmong shaman, dab - malevolent spirit
  • p. 9 - hu plig - soul calling
  • p. 12-13: hais ciaj txub kaum txub - "to speak of all kinds of things" - used at beginnings of oral narratives to tell readers that world has many things that do not seem to be connected but really are, and that no event happens in isolation - Fadiman says: "one can miss a lot by sticking to the point"
  • p. 86 - niam is mother, p. txiv is father - Dee Korda, who was a foster mother for Lia Lee, mistakenly believed Lia was saying "Na" for father but Fadiman's said she was probably calling "niam"
  • p. 121 - Onomotopoeia
    • ig awg is wild pigs fighting in close combat
    • lis loos is bees buzzing
    • mig mog is tigers playing
    • nplhuj nplhoos is a boar grunting
    • nqaj nqug is many trees falling one after another
    • nruj neev is a tree popping fast before it falls
    • nrhuj nrhawv is a tree popping slowly before it falls
    • pij pauj is fruit falling on the ground
    • plig plawg is a bird rising from its nest on the ground,
    • pliv ploov is fruit falling in water
    • rhuj rhuav is birds shuffling through leaves looking for insects
    • txij txej is a rat or mouse crying out while in a snake's mouth
    • twig tsuag is monkeys swishing through treetops with separate noises
    • vig vag is a tree brushing through other trees and underbrush while it falls
    • xuj xuav is an all-day, long, easy rain (definition #1)
    • xuj xuav is a snake undulating, txiv txej are birds chirping, (definition #2)
    • zuj ziag is a cicada singing
    • zig zuag is monkeys swishing through treetops with a continuous noise

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Education and Medical glossaries English-Hmong[edit source]

Education glossaries:

Medical glossaries:

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