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User:Δοριανβ had proposed on Oc 3 2007, that "Republic" should be rendered to grc by the el word Δημοκρατία. But this won't work in grc. Instead I have proposed here the el-kath word Κοινοπολιτεία "common/public state" (in el-kath it mainly means "commonwealth", while in ecclesiastical Greek it may also mean "Republic") which could serve as a calque of Res publica. So it goes like that: Republic of Armenia "Κοινοπολιτεία τῆς Ἀρμενίας", Democratic Republic of Georgia (Δημοκρατικὴ Κοινοπολιτεία τῆς Γεωργίας), and Commonwealth of Australia "Πολιτεία/Κοινότης/Κοινοπραγματία τῆς Νοτιονησίας". Πολιτεία is a calque of the Latin word for Commonwealth "civitas" and Κοινότης is a calque of the Spanish word for Commonwealth (Κοινοπραγματία, a coined word to be avoided, is from κοινός + πραγματία (late Koine word meaning "commodity", not to be confused with the classical term πραγματεία "disquisition")). --Omnipaedista 12:48, 15 January 2009 (UTC)

Note: the ancient greek word for both "commonwealth" and "republic" was πολιτεία. --Omnipaedista 03:36, 10 March 2009 (UTC)