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The name of the 8th Upper egyptian nome, t3-wrr, meaning 'great land', is attested in Greek sources as -ταῦ: *tá3-wurir > táww(u), which gives Bohairic ⲑⲁⲟⲩ. (found in Gundacker 2019: Retention or Rejection. The Fate of Ältere Komposita at the Transition from the Dreisilbengesetz to the Zweisilbengesetz, p 160)

This nome is pretty close to what is today the governorate of Sohag, in case we need an Egyptian name for Sohag. ⲁϩⲙⲉⲧ (talk) 12:28, 12 June 2020 (UTC)Reply

I guess ⲃⲟⲙⲡⲁϩⲟ is a safe guess as it's attested and is identical to modern Sohag. My other guess – the older name of Suhag is Suhay or Sumay. If the latter one is the original one it really looks like ⲧⲉⲥⲙⲓⲛⲉ (t)Smine or it's other attested form (eg Tisminay) or form of ⲍⲙⲓⲛ (Ζμιναι) --ⲫⲁϯⲟⲩⲉⲣϣⲓ (talk) 23:48, 17 June 2020 (UTC)Reply
Sure, I'm OK with ⲃⲟⲙⲡⲁϩⲟ. Maybe I'll write an article about ⲑⲁⲟⲩ or, maybe better, mention it as the name of the old Upper Egyptian nome which comprised parts of ⲃⲟⲙⲡⲁϩⲟ. ⲁϩⲙⲉⲧ (talk) 01:17, 18 June 2020 (UTC)Reply