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Hello! Why it is impossible to create the incubator, say, the Russians Wikispecies? Адмирал Иванов (talk) 08:17, 30 August 2013 (UTC)[reply]

This is a biological database, that's why it exists as a multilingual project only. You may read it in Russian too, and even select desired language of interface (it's near the top panel), but it's impossible to create a separate Wikispecies-project. All databases should be common for everybody... --Midnight Gambler (talk) 08:47, 30 August 2013 (UTC)[reply]
We can also create articles in different languages? As I said, that is not necessary. --Адмирал Иванов (talk) 10:31, 30 August 2013 (UTC)[reply]
Well, try to do it. --Midnight Gambler (talk) 19:59, 30 August 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Далан[edit source]

Репрессия «улэhиттэрэ». Далан: «МГБ улэhиттэрин сэлиэстийэлэрэ Советскай Союз урдунэн биир схема, биир шаблон, биир халыып быhыытынан барар эбит - ол 20-30-с сыллартан быhа чочуллубут, 1952 сылга тумук ситиhиилэрэ эбит этэ» (23). Далан: «Дай показания, хотя бы и ложные, но необходимые нам показания, и мы сразу выпустим тебя из тюрьмы» (39). Устудьуон В.Яковлев сымыйа дьыала5а хаайылларыгар «илиилэрин уурбуттар»: полковник Речкалов, САССР прокурорун э.т Трофимов, подполковник Рудаков, полковник Немлихер; ст.лейтенант Павлов (19). Турмэ «тойонноро» лейт.Блейдер, лейт.Филиппов, Березовскай, Шаронов, Павлов (20), надзирателлэр Асадуллин (44), Бибиков (45). Далан: «Филиппов, Березовскай, Немлихер логикалара маннык этэ: саха суруйааччылара - бары сахалар. Сахалар буоллулар да - сахалыы 8йд88хт8р, ол аата националистическай. 8йд8р8-санаалара националистическайын быhыытынан айымньылара эмиэ националистическай. Антисоветскай санааларын айымньыларыгар этэн, бэчээтинэн тар5атан, дьону иирдэллэр, агитациялыыллар. Сорохторо националистическай айымньыны хайы-уйэ5э суруйан, агитацияны ыыппыттар, сорохторо сан,а суруйаары сылдьаллар» (73). Атын буруйдааччылар: прокурордар Мыреев М.Е (98), Артемов, Кондраков (197), Пономарев (215), турмэ начальнигын солбуйааччы капитан Зуев (154); лаа5ыр начальниктара: майор Мовчан, ст.лейтенант Цуркан, капитан Кобваса, лейтенант Емельченко (176), НКВД Чурапчы оройуоннаа5ы начальнига Раат (345, 349). Палачтар: Дорофеев, Беляев, Некрасов, Вилинов, Карелин, Ахчан,ныырап, Ощепков, Андросов (25), Разин, Винницкэй (349). Далан: «Дьыала5а сэлиэстийэ ыытааччылар ааттара суох, араспаанньалара эрэ суруйаллара...Аата суох толорооччу буолар барыстаах: 60 м8луйу8н киhини...суох гынан баран, кун бугун,н,э диэри буруйдаах к8стубэт, ким да5аны ол иhин эппиэттээбэт (20, 21). Далан: «Оттон биhиги уhу8ммут дьыалата сурдээх аккуратнайдык тигиллэн, «Совершенно секретно», «Хранить вечно» грифтээх, кэлэр к8лу8нэлэргэ биhиги уту8 ааппытын хараарда, ууруллан сыппыттара 40-ча сыл буолан эрэр» (21).

Error:Лингва фрака нова[edit source]

Error: The Лингва фрака нова, but should be the Лингва франка нова (this is in Russian) on the main page. Please, correct this mistake. If I can fix it, then let me know (just in case, I'm loader). Olefir (talk) 16:55, 24 July 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Help me[edit source]

HELP ME Global lock for:

Take away the title of administrator from him or close access to the Chuvash Wikipedia and Wiktionary. Please. He uses his status illegally, without justification, and without discussion deletes the pages at his discretion. If you do not help me, then I am the only person who worked for the Chuvash Wiktionary, I will stop doing this. Then it will again hang for 10 years, useless to anyone. It’s a pity that there are so many people on Wikipedia who, simply out of their arrogance, do as they please, deleting pages without warnings and discussions, just because they are admins. And at the same time, he does not know the language that he decided to control. Using an online dictionary or machine translator. At least I tried to add the words of my dialect of the Chuvash language, which I speak, and from the Ashmarin dictionary (17 volumes). And a person who does not know Chuvash deletes and distorts words and pages. Chuvash language which is rare and the only living Bulgaro-Ogur branch of languages. Which is on the verge of extinction according to UNESCO and every year there are less and less native speakers of the language, especially dialects. Only half a million people speak it today. And the dialects have almost disappeared and are beginning to dissolve into the literary language. Many languages have disappeared without a trace and now no one will return them, I don’t want the same thing to happen to Chuvash, so I decided to write everything down in Wiktionary, with translation into the main languages of the world. And someone acts like a pig and erases my pages, because he is not a Chuvash and a dictionary or translator does not translate such a word.

Hello, please help a newbie, I'm a new user, I have not yet learned how to use Wikipedia to the fullest. I asked one person in the Chuvash dictionary to change the words from capital letters to small letters, instead he vandalized most of the pages, distorting the words, somewhere he added the wrong letter, somewhere he removed it, and somewhere he completely changed the word to literary. A person without knowledge of the Chuvash language found a dictionary with a meager number of words and decided to remake it in his own way and with more mistakes. Ashmarin Dictionary 17 volumes only in book version. Also in the Chuvash language there are 3 dialects and several sub-dialects. How can a person who does not know the language so harshly distort everything that I have been writing for many days? Except for me, the only person, no one deals with the Chuvash dictionary, no one needs it, and then unknown people put spokes in the wheel, from which all desire to promote the Chuvash language on Wikipedia disappears. Help block him in the Chuvash Wikipedia, please so that he does not interfere with the development of the Chuvash Wiktionary. I'm sorry if I made a lot of mistakes, I don't know English, I use Google translator. Thank you. This man is ruining my pages. I myself asked him to help. But instead of what I asked, he did something nasty, distorted everything and deleted the words that he did not find in the online translator and in the online dictionary. He is not a Chuvash, and does not know the language and dialectics. The Chuvash have 3 dialects and several subdialects, this is a dictionary where there should be words of all groups, and not just a literary one from a meager public online dictionary. The Chuvash do not have online books of complete Dictionaries. Please belittle someone close his access to I spend a lot of time for free to create a dictionary, but they interfere with me. If I do not deal with this dictionary, then no one will. It hung empty for many years. I am the one who decided to do this. Why should I then waste time when someone in one fell swoop can break everything. I just don’t know where to turn, Wikipedia is still not clear to me, I’m not a programmer. I just don’t know how to change capital letters myself, I had to ask, but I didn’t think that a person would vandalize everything. Very embarrassing and annoying. Better not to ask. Who knew that a person would turn on God, the smartest, and decide to do everything in his own way, as he thinks better according to the online dictionary and Yandex translator. If you don't help me, I'll have to abandon the dictionary and then no one else will do it. Especially this Bashkir who screwed everything up.

Help me restore the page Wt/cv/Ситар Cedar This word Cedar is borrowed from other languages, this Bashkir deceived and wrote vandalism, what is the vandalism in the word cedar?

He uses his admin resource exceeding his authority. Tell me why is he doing this? Revels in his empowered administrator in front of helpless newbies? He is a fiend and a maniac. This Bashkir hates the Chuvash, so he does this, deceives and erases the pages. He is jealous of the Chuvash. Interethnic hostility of Muslims against Christians. Сёгун Чуваш (talk) 21:04, 14 January 2023 (UTC)[reply]