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Each test wiki on Incubator must have an "info page", which is the page that is equal to the prefix, "Wx/xyz".

Each page in this format has an automatic info page. It behaves as if it was a real page, but is dynamically/virtually generated by the WikimediaIncubator extension. It will also detect if a Main Page exists, either at the location "Wx/xyz/Main_Page" or in first instance at "Wx/xyz/Localised_name" where the localised name is taken from the "mainpage" message.

When more information is needed, the virtual page can be created manually. Currently, the {{test wiki}} template should be used, but a software-made alternative is under development, which uses the {{#infopage:}} parser function. It currently takes the following options, separated by a pipe:

  • status=open/imported/approved
  • mainpage=Override_main_page (thus without prefix)

In case of an open wiki, it will show the links generated by MediaWiki:Wminc-infopage-links and prominently link to the Main Page.

In case of a missing wiki, it will link to Special:IncubatorFirstSteps (with a "testwiki" parameter) which will also set your test wiki preferences automatically when registering.

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