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These tests have codes which are marked in {{Test wiki/validcode}} with |status=nearext ("nearly extinct, a language with very few speakers left"). While the SIL type of such languages is usually still "living", there is normally explicit or implicit evidence in the corresponding English Wikipedia article or on Ethnologue that the number of L1 speakers is dwindling (usually but not always, not more than 1,000 speakers). In general, the Ethnologue categorizes status of them as one of: 8a (Moribund), 8b (Nearly extinct), and/or 9 (Dormant/Second language only).

  • On the whole, WMF wishes to focus resources on languages with a sufficient speaker base to support the ongoing health of individual projects. When the current language proposal policy was implemented, the bias was not to support projects in languages near extinction (other than Wikisource projects).
  • Over time, Wikimedia projects (usually Wikipedias) have come to serve as anchors to support local efforts to revitalize dying languages. WMF and LangCom are starting to show some willingness to support these efforts, provided that there is serious evidence of other ongoing activity to support the language.

LangCom decides these cases an individual basis.