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Disambig bordered fade.svg The code "bh" does not refer to a specific language, but to a collection of languages, namely the "Bihari" languages.

Languages in this collective include:

  • Angika (anp)
  • Awadhi (awa)
  • Bhojpuri (Wt/bho) (if you're visiting this page because you're synced from bhwiktionary (a closed wiki), please join this test project, as the bh was considered wrongly used per phab:T41968.)
  • Caribbean Hindustani (hns)
  • Fiji Hindi (wikt:hif:)
  • Kurmali (kyw)
  • Magahi (mag)
  • Maithili (including Bajjika dialect and Khortha dialect) (Wt/mai)
  • Majhi (mjz)
  • Musasa (smm)
  • Panchpargania (tdb)
  • Sadri (sck)
    • Oraon Sadri (sdr)
  • Surjapuri (sjp)
  • some Tharu languages

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