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Ingrid Cumming is a Whadjuk yorga from Fremantle. An Anthropology graduate of Murdoch University and Melbourne Business School.[1][2] She played a key role in starting up this NoongarPedia project.

She has presented and published an article with the United Nations Women Leaders Collective in Israel, represented Indigenous Australian Business at the Supply Diversity forum in San Antonio Texas, presented at TedXPerth 2014,[3] and won Indigenous Business of the Year at the Belmont Small Business Awards in 2014.[2]

Mrs Cumming is the founder and CEO of Kart Koort Wiern (Head Heart and Spirit), founded in 2010. It is a Perth based Indigenous business that offers consultancy, training and workshops across Australia promoting reconciliation and increasing awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander strengths and strategy.[2] She is a custodian and traditional owner of Whadjuk Nyungar country. Ingrid can provide Welcome to Country services (in Perth Metro only).[1]

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Her father is Prof. Len Collard, who was also instrumental in setting up this NoongarPedia.

Ngiyan waarnk[edit | edit source]

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