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I am very pleased to announce that I have developed a writing system for Badugu, a language hitherto without a writing system, spoken by a member of one of the native peoples of the Nilgiris called Baduga. What is more, I have designed a true type font and named it BaduguAnandha using a computer program called FontCreator 5.6.

I have also written a manual entitled "Keying In The Badugu Alphabet" for those who wish to learn how to key in the badugu letters using the font BaduguAnandha.ttf. I hope every Baduga would proudly welcome the creation of the Badugu Alphabet and use it to read and write Badugu henceforth to keep the language alive.

I am looking forward to uploading the Badugu Alphabet (Badugu Bare) and the font BaduguAnandha.ttf to Wikipedia so that everyone could have access to these same.