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Wn/syl/ꠞꠣꠡꠤꠀꠞ ꠃꠇ꠆ꠞꠦꠘ ꠖꠈꠟꠞ ꠎꠋꠉꠘꠣꠝꠣ ꠨ 703 ꠖꠤꠘꠇꠥꠞ

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Ви читаєте хроніку основних подій 26 січня, 703 дня вторгнення Росії в Україну.

Основні події[edit | edit source]

  • The ISW, citing Russian milbloggers, reported that the Russian military had taken the village of Tabaivka, 20 kilometers southeast of Kupiansk, which was denied by Ukraine.[1]
  • HUR claimed that it had destroyed the "entire IT infrastructure" of the IPL Consulting company, which provides services to the Russian heavy industry and military-industrial complex, in a cyberattack.[2]
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