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ლატვიის დროშა

ლატვია — სახელმწიფო ევროპაში.

რეგიონები[edit | edit source]

The administrative planning regions of Latvia
რიგის რეგიონი (Riga, Jūrmala)
The central Riga Planning Region houses around half of the Latvian population, making it the largest official region in the Baltic states.
ვიდზემე (Cēsis, Sigulda)
The north-central Vidzeme region features the longest Latvian river - Gauja, the highest point in Latvia - Gaiziņkalns, the biggest cave in Latvia - Gūtmaņala, the Gauja National Park and other attractions.
კურზემე (Liepāja, Ventspils)
The western Kurzeme region provides direct access to the Baltic sea and shows preserved traditions and culture allowing visitors to visit various places such as old fishermen's villages of the Livonian time for example.
ზემგალე (Jelgava, Bauska)
The south-central Zemgale region is the flattest region of Latvia, historically known for being a great region for all agricultural needs.
ლატგალე (Daugavpils, Rēzekne)
The eastern Latgale region is famed for its lakes. It has a large ethnic Russian part of the population, especially in the largest city of the region - Daugavpils.