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This directory of travel topics on Wikivoyage lists articles either about a specific topic that is too large or detailed to go in a specific travel guide destination page, or travel tips that are so general that they apply to many destinations and don't need to be in each specific travel guide. Click on the  to see full list of articles on a topic


Accommodation topic image Chateau Frontenac.jpg

Accommodation is a concern of every traveler, whether looking for a place to pitch a tent or a luxury suite in a fancy resort. Booking accommodation, dealing with the vast array of accommodation options, and considering alternative lodging options are all issues that travelers face.



The U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team Plays Algeria.jpg

See what festivals and events are scheduled, whether they be music, sport or any other topic. Find out when and where they will be happening.


Activities topic image Hikers on a trail.jpg

Many travelers seek out destinations that are particularly suited to specific activities, such as scuba diving or rock climbing. Some of these travel activities require specific gear, training, or planning to pursue, while others may be as simple as slipping into a warm spring to enjoy the soothing waters.


Health topic image.png

Health is an issue that affects all travellers, especially to off-the-beaten-path destinations. General common-sense rules apply to all travel. Consult with your doctor beforehand if you have preexisting conditions, verify what insurance coverage you have when away from home, carry a sufficient supply of any medications, and bring copies of your prescriptions in case of loss.


Shopping topic image Shoppers on Dundas street, Toronto.jpg

What to buy and where to buy it. Tips on duty free shopping. Purchases from beads to diamond rings.                                      


Food topic image Veggie burger.jpg

Why not try some local specialties when travelling? Check out our guides to regional delights such as Bavarian cuisine and different kinds of coffee.                                              




Find out what sports you can do and where to do them. Whether it is golf in Thailand or scuba diving in South Africa, find the best facilities or the ideal weather. Learn what equipment you need and where to buy or hire.



Preparation topic image Passport to the world.png

Have you packed everything? Got all the paperwork sorted for your trip. Information on visas, passport and entry requirement for counties. Get ready for your trip.

সাংস্কৃতিক আকর্ষণ

Stonehenge back wide.jpg

Looking for that next travel destination based on a parting topic such as archaeological sites or drink.                                        


Language topic image Breugel's Tower of Babel.jpg

The world has over 5,000 different languages, including over 20 with 50 million or more speakers. Travel can bring you into contact with any of these.


প্রাকৃতিক বিস্ময়

Natural wonders topic image Victoria falls.jpg

Where to find hot springs, national parks, flora and fauna, and other delights of nature. Find out where to go to see the best waterfalls or learn about exploring volcanoes. Or maybe you are interested in visiting United Kingdom National Parks.

ভ্রমণের কারণ

Reasons to travel image Hammock and palm trees.jpg

Travelling on business, retiring abroad, studying abroad, your honeymoon and other reasons.                                            


Safety topic image Road sign slippery surface.png

There are many things that you can do to ensure that you stay safe while traveling. Wikivoyage articles have a "Stay safe" section with location specific advice. These articles covers general advice that applies to many destinations.


Ecotourism Svalbard-WB.jpg

Many topics including budget travel and time zones, gay and lesbian travel, details on electrical systems.                                

শিশুদের সাথে ভ্রমণ

Hong Kong International Airport children facility.JPG

Travelling as a family allows experiences to be shared. It can add interest to family time together away from the pressures of work and education. You can gain different perspectives on places when travelling in a group with children. It is often easier to get to meet local people, people can be friendlier, and when picking educational experiences for children you often learn something yourself.


Work topic image SVA volunteers.jpg

How to earn an income while travelling, tips on volunteer work and travel writing.                                                                  



Straßenszene in Ostanatolien.JPG

Transportation is a concern of every traveler, whether he is planning how to reach a destination or trying to hail a taxi. Numerous transportation options exist, ranging from one-way trips in a first-class jet to budget accommodation on a freighter.


Crystal Clear app Internet Connection Tools.png

Internet access, telephone topics such as List of country calling codes and Internet telephony as well as app advice              

জল ভ্রমণ

Travelling by water topic image Star Cruises.jpg

From boats to cruise liners. Also ferries in a number of regions, and how to work your way to a destination on a yacht.                                  

বিমান ভ্রমণ

Air travel topic image Lufthansa 737 interior.jpg

Fundamentals and tips on flying. General advice for at the airport and details on specific carriers.                                              



Africa topic image Satellite image.jpg

Region related topics such as African National Parks, diving in South Africa and rail travel in Africa.                                                                    


Asia topic image Satellite image.jpg

Festivals, golf and many more topics in Asia. From skiing in Lebanon to meditation in Thailand.                                                    


Europe topic image Satellite image.jpg

Topics related to counties and regions of Europe. Whether it is rail travel in Europe or Painted Monasteries in Romania there is plenty to read about the region.

উত্তর আমেরিকা

North America topic image Satellite image.jpg

Interested in Rail travel in Canada or scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands? Maybe explore Colorado's Wine Country. Not to mention rafting on the Rio Grande in Jamaica.


Oceania topic image Satellite image.jpg

Things to do and see in Australia and New Zealand, from renting a motorhome in New Zealand to winter sports in Australia.                                    

দক্ষিণ আমেরিকা

South America topic image Satellite image.jpg

How about a holiday golfing in Argentina or salsa dancing in Latin America.                                                                                        

ভ্রমণ বিষয় নির্ঘণ্ট-এ সম্পূর্ণ তালিকা