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The Discover page is an archive of about strange but true trivia about destinations around the world, previously featured in the Discover section on the main page. You can contribute and add or edit future facts to the list here. Previously displayed facts:

January 2017[edit]

Chimney Rock Ghost Ranch.jpg
  • In Abiquiu (pictured), you can visit the home of famous painter Georgia O'Keefe.
  • Whenever you buy something at Manchester Airport, you're probably saving someone, somewhere, some money on their council tax!
  • An uninhabited island off the southern coast of Puerto Rico is named Caja de Muertos — "Box of the Dead".
  • Laxey is home to the Laxey Wheel (pictured), often described as the biggest water wheel in the world.
  • Puerto Pirámides is one of the best sites to observe the famous southern whales.
  • Always wanted to sleep in a lighthouse? Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse outside Rauma has been converted to a hotel.
Parc national d'Awash-Ethiopie (4).jpg
  • Awash National Park (pictured) features places where some of the earliest human remains have been found.
  • Kuala Lumpur translates to "muddy river confluence" in Malay.
  • Norfolk Islanders have their own language, Norfuk, a blend of English and Tahitian. It is not easily understood by outsiders.
  • Rishikesh is scenically located where the Ganges River (pictured) comes down from the Himalayas.
  • Big Bend is one of the largest national parks in the lower 48 states yet one of the least visited.
  • The Rance tidal power plant in Saint-Malo reportedly attracts 200,000 visitors per year.
Guards at Castle of Good Hope.jpg
  • The Castle of Good Hope (pictured) in Cape Town is South Africa's oldest surviving building.
  • Some divers know Isla Malpelo as the "shark heaven."
  • The Tamil language is described as having one of the richest literatures in the world.
Estadio Omnilife-Chivas (2).jpg
  • The most popular association football team in Mexico, as rated by FIFA, is Club Deportivo Guadalajara (stadium pictured) in Guadalajara.
  • Legend has it that Kraków was built on the cave of a dragon whom the mythical King Krak had slain.
  • With the same time zone and latitude (though to the south, rather than the north of the equator) as Hawaii, the Cook Islands are sometimes thought of as "Hawaii down under".
Ha Long Bay - North East Vietnam.JPG
  • The Ha Long Bay archipelago (pictured) is made up of 1,969 islands, both inhabited and uninhabited.
  • Barbados has a well-deserved reputation for producing excellent rum.
  • Savaii has no real towns as such, just a series of small villages with people living in traditional huts.
Mount Moses.jpg
  • Mount Sinai (pictured) is said to be the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God; indeed, the Arabic name Gebel Musa means "Mount of Moses".

Old discoveries[edit]

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