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  1. O or pertainin tae an affice or public trust.
    offeecial duties
  2. Derived frae the proper affice or afficer, or frae the proper authority; made or communicatit bi virtue o authority
    an offeecial statement or report
  3. Approved bi authority; authorized.
  4. sanctioned bi the pharmacopoeia; appyntit tae be uised in medicine; offeecinal
    an offeecial drug or preparation
  5. Discharging an affice or function.
    • Sir Thomas Browne
      the stomach an ither pairts offeecial untae nutreetion
  6. Relatin tae an affice; especially, tae a subordinate executive afficer or attendant.
  7. Relatin tae an ecclesiastical judge appyntit bi a bishop, chapter, airchdeacon, etc., wi charge o the spiritual jurisdiction.