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Alternative forms[edit]


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  1. bleak, miserable, dismal, cheerless, dreary


  • 2002, Glasgow's ambassadors receive a dreich welcome in Havana — title of article in The Scotsman, 14 Nov 2002
  • 2004, but driving home at this dreich hour and at the end of a difficult shift, she found the ectoplasmic fog unnerving — Susan Hill, The Various Haunts of Men (2004) page 4.
  • 2008 used in BBC Radio 4 Weather forecast as interchangeable with "dreary/dismal" 4th Nov 2008 12:57



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  • IPA([[wikipedia:Lua error in Module:Wt/sco/language_utilities at line 7: data for mw.loadData contains unsupported data type 'function'. phonology|key]]): /driːx/


Wt/sco/dreich (comparative {{{1}}}, superlative {{{2}}})

  1. persistent, continuous, relentless
  2. slow, tardy
  3. dismal, dowie, dreary, bleak
    • 2000, Matthew Fitt, But n Ben A-Go-Go, Luath 2000, p.132:
      The dreich inhuman blue on Nadia's lang-wheesht thocht-screen fizzed intae life.
  4. tedious, wearisome, drawn-out
  5. reluctant, tight-fisted, driving a hard bargain

Derived terms[edit]