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Lamdàn[edit | edit source]

  • Mizo kalphungin: /sain/
  • IPA-in: /saɪn/
  • (taksa)

Hming[edit | edit source]

  1. chhinchhiahna
    The clouds show signs of raining season.
    I gave him a thumbs-up sign.
  2. zaizir
    The mathematical sign + means addition.
  3. hriattirna, chhinchhiahna; dawr kawngka ilova hriattirna tàr.
    The sign in the window says, Kuhva kan zuar e.
    sawilâwkna, chhinchhiahna.
    It's a sign of the end of the world, some would say. But on my part, I think it's a sign of the beginning of a new age.
  4. thilmak tih, thiltih mak.
    Show us a sign, they demanded Jesus.

Thiltih[edit | edit source]

Tihdanglamna[edit | edit source]

Awmzia[edit | edit source]

  1. lehkha ilova hming thäikäwi
  2. hming-thaikawi ilova pawmpuina, neitu nihna ladt. lantir; pawmpui
    I signed an open letter to the minister.
  3. zaizir (=chhinchhiahna hmanga mî bia).
    I am actively learning to sign.

Rempui[edit | edit source]