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Naija (Hinglish: Nigeria) na kontri for Africa.

De Federal Republic of Nigeria, wey everybody dey call Naija, na country wey dey between Central and West Africa, im share border with Niger for the north, Chad for the northeast, Cameroon in the southeast, and Benin in the west. E come jam water for south on top the Gulf of Guinea wey dey Bar-beach (Atlantic Ocean). The federal republic get 36 states and Federal Capital Territory, wey the capital Abuja dey. Naija no get government religion and na choose wey their people dey choose their oga.[1]

Naija be the area of plenty plenty kingdom and tribal states for many years. But dat na before, as e dey today, na as how the white people put am dat time of 19th century when British join Southern Naija and Northern Naija. Na dem arrangee the administrative and legal system when dem dey use chiefs do indirect rulership. Nigeria comot for Britain hand inside 1960 begin waka separate waka. Dem come fight brother-brother war from 1967 reach 1970. When war finish dem come dey change change from choosing civilian oga with election to government wey Awa go use power power dey rule. Final, 1999 dem come settle for choosing of president through democracy. 2011 na first time wey everybody gree se the election no get kalo kalo or wuru wuru.[2]

People dey like call Naija the "Giant of Africa", because e get plenty people and big economy. [3] As 186 million human-being dey inside, Naija carry people pass for Africa and na number 7 e dey for the world. And na im be number 3 for country wey get young young boys and girls pass; e get more than 90 million people wey neva reach 18 years. [9][10] The country na multinational state as e get 250 ethnic groups,[11] the biggest 3 na Awusa (Hausa), Ibo (Igbo) and Yoroba ([Yoruba]]); all these ethnic groups get pass 250 languages and every ethnic group get different parole and traditions.[11][12] Federal government dey use English language, and Ibo, Yoroba and Awusa na for inside regions dem. Like half of Naija people na Christian for mainly south and the other half na Muslims for mainly north, plus e still get small people wey dey go local shrine especially Babalawo shrine or Dibia.

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