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Japan na kontri for di Pacific Ocean. E ste bai Asia.

Di Prime Minister dey Shinzō Abe.

History[edit | edit source]

For AD 794, Di Emperor Kammu don make Kyoto di kapital. Di Emperor don get no big power. Families (clans) wey take power don rule di kontri. Di Fujiwara clan don take di kontri, den di Taira clan don take di kontri. Den Yoritomo don take the kontri, na e don make military government. Di Emperor don se e dey shogun (Great General). Den di Hojo clan don take di kontri.

For 1338 di Ashikaga clan don take di kontri.

For 1582 Hideyoshi Toyotomi don take di kontri. E dey "regent". E don unify di kontri. For 1592 na 1597 e don invade Korea. When e don die, Japan don go comot Korea.

Den di Tokugawa clan don take di kontri.

For di 16th century, oyibo don go fo Japan. Dem don trade na preach Christianity. For di 17th century, Japan don kill many Christians na don make di oyibo go comot. Dem se only one ship fit come a year, na Japanese no fit go comot.

For 1857, di USA don make Japan open dem ports.

For 1868 Emperor Mutsuhito don take power from di shogun. E don move di kapital to Edo (Tokyo). Im court don modernize di kontri. Dem don make a constitution for 1889, wey don mek di Emperor di only power.

For 1904, Japan don fight Russia. Japan don win for 1905.

For World War I, Japan don take some colonies of Germany wey be for Asia na di Pacific Ocean.

For 1931, Japan don take Manchuria, wey be for China.

For World War II, Japan don be Axis Power. Di USA don no fit trade oil with Japan. For 1941, Japan don attack di USA for Pearl Harbor. Den di USA don se war on di Axis Powers. Dem go fight Japan a little, go fight mostly for Europe. After Germany don surrender, di USA go fight Japan more. For 1945, di USA don drop two atomic bombs on cities for Japan. Dem se 129,000-226,000 pipul don die. Den Japan don surrender.

After di war, Japan don become industrial na di economy don go well-well.

Politics[edit | edit source]

Japan dey get Emperor, wey be Head of State. Di Emperor no get big big power. Im name be Akihito.

Nashonal Diet[edit | edit source]

Di Nashonal Diet na di Legislative branch for Japan. Japan first get di Diet for 1889. Di Diet dey get two houses: di House of Representatives na di House of Councillors.

Executive branch[edit | edit source]

Di Nashional Diet go fit name di Prime Minister. Di Prime Minister go fit name di Ministers in di Cabinet.

Judicial branch[edit | edit source]

Di Judicial branch get di Supreme Court na four oda courts.