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Ryan Morich with Family

Ryan is a Noongar man wer Wheelchair basketball player. He is currently the captain of the Red Dust Heelers, wer a founding member of the Red Dust Healers Wheeling wer Healing Program.[1]

Early Life[edit]

Born in Karratha in 1994, Ryan moved to Perth at an early age. [2].

At the age of 12, Ryan lost his leg below the knee due to a rare bone cancer (Ewing’s Sarcoma). [3].

His career in Basketball was inspired by a visit by Justin Evasion’s mum a few months after he lost his leg where she told Ryan about wheelchair basketball. Ryan commenced training three weeks after her visit. [4]

Career Highlights[edit]

2012 Australian Junior Team - Gold Medalist[edit]


Under 23s World Championships - Adana, Turkey[edit]

Along with nidja team mates, the team won Bronze during nidja championship. [6]

Red Dust Heelers[edit]


NAIDOC Sportsperson of the Year


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