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Rainbow Lorikeet
Eating nuts from a tree in Hilton WA

Rainbow lorikeets are an introduced species to Noongar boodjar from the Eastern states. They are considered a pest in WA because they are aggressive to other birds, for example taking over the nesting sites of black cockatoos. They were originally introduced as an ornamental djert in Perth in the 1960s, but their population has now grown to between 10 wer 20,000 wer is unlikely ever to be fully eradicated.[1][2]

Their scientific name is Trichoglossus moluccanus. Previously to 2014 yennar Rainbow lorikeets were lumped together as Tricholossus haematodus, but the various sub-species are now considered separate species. Tricholossus haematodus now refers specifically to the Coconut Lorikeet, which is native to Indonesia wer Papua New Guinea, but older sources will use Tricholossus haematodus to mean the Perth variety of Rainbow lorikeet. Their endangered status is "Least Concern", obviously in the Perth area wer other areas such as New Zealand where they are an introduced pest, but also in their native range in the eastern states.[3]

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