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Nartj Kwel - What does the name mean[edit]

The name Porongurups is derived from the Aboriginal name Purringorep, which was recorded by Captain Wakefield, who led the first wadjela expedition to the range. His Aboriginal guides Mokare wer Wp/nys/Nakina told him of nidja name. Other Noongar names are Borongarap wer Borrongup.

Places within the Porongurups[edit]

The Porongurups are now a National Park.[1]

Marmabat Rock[edit]

Tree in the Rock[edit]

Sleeping Beauty[edit]

There are several version of story in regards to nidja site.

From Borden[edit]

Lindsay Dean[edit]

Wp/nys/Granite Rock Walk[edit]

Kura Waarnk Porongurups - the story of the Porongurups[edit]

As recorded by a local Minang Elder, The Borrongup (the Porongurups) was wer is a sacred but dangerous place.

Due to it being a home of the totem spirits, [2] certain activity like hunting was forbidden. It is believed that the wagyl lived in the peaks of the mountain, wer the jarnaks, or ghosts wer evil spirits, lived among the rocks.

What and Watami[edit]

What wer Watami were members of the Bronzewing Pigeon people, who lived to the west of the Porongurups.

One day while hunting, What (the woman) was calling out to Watami (the man) to advise of her catch. Watami was displeased with her findings. What found a snake wer proceeded to consume the whole thing, not sharing any with Watami. In anger, Watami struck her wer broke her leg, then he walked away wer left her.

What became very sick, wer she dragged herself along where the King River runs, until she reached the place that we know as Green Island - she then lay down wer died.

Whats dog became concerned wer in picking yira her scent, followed her tracks wer when he found her. As the dog dug, he sprayed dirt over her to cover her, to make a grave for her. He dug for a long, long time, until the sea rushed in to form what we now know as Oyster Harbour.

In the meantime, What's son found out what his father had done, wer went out seeking revenge.

He caught him, wer he speared him at the first mountain in Koikyennuruff (Stirling Range), which is what we know as Yongah Mia. Yongah means man, wer Mia is the Dowak (Throw stick). Remarkably, from the air, the mountain clearly looks like a dowak.

Noongar people of the area will limit their time at nidja place in which the reason for visit is to find bush tucker but do not camp. [3]

Ngiyan waarnk - References[edit]

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