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Nartj Nitja Maaman - Who is this man[edit | edit source]

Koora, nitja baal Gallyipet Minang boodjar nyininy.

Other names he was known as were: Gallypert, Galipert, Galiput, Gyallipert.

Gallyipet sailed to the swan river colony to meet with colonists wer noongar custodians including Wp/nys/Yagan in 1833[1] wer made a pen-and-ink drawing of a campsite- a very early example of Noongar interest in writing wer drawing to communicate. He wer Wp/nys/Manyat also attended a piano recital, performed a dance in return wer afterwards sat in armchairs wer drank tea with the colonist.[2]

He also met with Wp/nys/Munday wer attended other cultural events. Gallypert made a pen-ink map.[3]

Sources[edit | edit source]

Ngiyan waarnk - References[edit | edit source]

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