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The aim of the Wiki World Heritage Intangible Contest is to encourage the creation and improvement of articles related to intangible cultural heritage on the English Wikipedia into the Moore language in order to increase content . It seeks to promote awareness and documentation of cultural practices, traditions, and expressions that are recognized as part of the world's cultural heritage but may not have sufficient representation on Wikipedia. Participants contribute by writing, translating, and enhancing articles that highlight and preserve intangible cultural heritage

Wikipedia Articles[edit | edit source]

Kindly create/improve these articles.

Please create the following articles by clicking on their red links:
Engish Wikipedia Moore Wikipedia
1 The Song of the Sibyl The Song of the Sibyl
2 Ramlila Ramlila
3 Rebetiko Rebetiko
4 Chinese paper cutting Chinese paper cutting
5 Nordic clinker boat traditions Clinker (boat building)
6 Căluşari Călușari
7 Cuban rumba Cuban Rumba
8 Meddah Meddah
9 Lithuanian cross crafting Lithuanian cross crafting
10 Karatsu Kunchi Karatsu Kunchi
11 Haenyeo Haenyeo
12 Gangneung Danoje Gangneung Danoje
13 maloya maloya
14 Cheoyongmu Cheoyongmu
15 Namsadang nori Namsadang Nori
16 Ganggangsullae Ganggangsullae
17 morna Morna (music)
18 Martenitsa Martenitsa
19 Pinisi Pinisi
20 angklung Angklung
21 uilleann pipes Uilleann pipes
22 radif Radif(music)
23 Huaconada Huaconada
24 lhamo lhamo
25 Pirekua Pirekua
26 Dancing Devils of Yare Dancing Devils of Corpus Christi
27 Lotus Lantern Festival Yeondeunghoe
28 kunqu kunqu
29 Fête des Vignerons Fête des Vignerons
30 Nanguan Nanguan Mizikã
31 naengmyeon naengmyeon
32 Taekkyeon Taekkyeon
33 Ssireum Ssireum
34 gagaku Gagaku
35 Ashiqs of Azerbaijan Ashiqs of Azerbaijan
36 noria noria
37 cantu a tenore cantu a tenore
38 Olonkho Olonkho
39 Aubusson tapestry Aubusson tapestry
40 balafon balafon
41 lakalaka lakalaka
42 Ishidori Festival Ishidori Festival
43 Yunjin brocade Yunjin
44 Epic of King Gesar Epic of King Gesar
45 gagok gagok
46 hawker centre hawker centre
47 Horezu ceramics Horezu ceramics
48 Holy Week in Guatemala Holy Week in Guatemala
49 Baltic song festivals Baltic song festivals
50 talchum talchum
51 Tereré Tereré
52 Khon Khon
53 castell castell
54 pantun pantun
55 tumba francesa tumba francesa
56 jamdani jamdani
57 Processional giants and dragons in Belgium and France Processional giants and dragons in Belgium and France
58 Semeiskie Semeiskie
59 candombe candombe
60 nōgaku nōgaku
61 seal cutting seal cutting
62 chamamé chamamé
63 Chhau dance Chhau dance
64 kolo Kolo
65 Timkat Timkat
66 Falles Falles
67 dutar dutar
68 Danza del palo volador Danza del palo volador
69 Dancing procession of Echternach Dancing procession of Echternach
70 Bećarac Bećarac
71 Longquan celadon Longquan celadon
72 celtic harp celtic harp
73 Latvian Song and Dance Festival Latvian Song and Dance Festival
74 Death anniversary of the Hung Kings Death anniversary of the Hung Kings
75 Kallawaya Kallawaya
76 akyn akyn
77 Bokator Bokator
78 Fest Noz Fest Noz
79 Kakunodate Festival Kakunodate Festival
80 Fileteado Fileteado
81 Gelede Gelede
82 Klapa Klapa
83 Wayampi people Wayampi people
84 Krakelingen and Tonnekensbrand Geraardsbergen Krakelingen and Tonnekensbrand
85 Kalbelia Kalbelia
86 għana għana
87 frevo frevo
88 Mudiyettu Mudiyettu
89 marche of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse marche of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse
90 sand drawing sand drawing
91 Zvončari Zvončari
92 Epic of Köroğlu Epic of Köroğlu
93 Finnish sauna Finnish sauna
94 kopačka kopačka
95 Koodiyattam Koodiyattam
96 Lefkara lace Lefkara lace
97 khene khene
98 Kihnu Kihnu
99 Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival
100 sega sega
101 Thieboudienne Thieboudienne
102 Patum de Berga Patum de Berga
103 Khmer shadow theatre Khmer shadow theatre
104 Rabinal Achí Rabinal Achí
105 Mak yong Mak yong
106 organ organ builder organ organ builder
107 beer culture in Belgium beer culture in Belgium
108 Yeongsanjae Yeongsanjae
109 Menora Menora
110 Đờn ca tài tử Đờn ca tài tử
111 nijemo kolo nijemo kolo
112 Mystery Play of Elche Mystery Play of Elche
113 doina doina
114 Alençon lace Alençon lace
115 Parrandas Parrandas
116 pasillo pasillo
117 Drametse Ngacham Drametse Ngacham
118 Ramman Ramman
119 Oku-noto no Aenokoto Oku-noto no Aenokoto
120 Idrija lace Idrija lace
121 Sinjska alka Sinjska alka
122 Bumba Meu Boi Bumba Meu Boi
123 Regong arts Regong arts
124 Hıdırellez Hıdırellez
125 Space of Gong Culture in the Central Highlands of Vietnam Space of Gong Culture in the Central Highlands of Vietnam
126 Qoyllur Rit'i Qoyllur Rit'i
127 nhã nhạc nhã nhạc
128 soup joumou soup joumou
129 Ommegang of Brussels Ommegang of Brussels
130 Takayama Festival Peña de Bernal
131 Peña de Bernal Peña de Bernal
132 Toguz kumalak Toguz kumalak
133 Tobata Gion Festival Tobata Gion Festival
134 Xi'an guyue Xi'an guyue
135 Turkmen rug Turkmen rug
136 Tsuchizaki Shinmei Shrine Festival Tsuchizaki Shinmei Shrine Festival
137 Kumi Odori Kumi Odori
138 Turkish archery Turkish archery
139 Bakshy Bakshy
140 yūki-tsumugi yūki-tsumugi
141 İznik pottery Iznik pottery
142 Cantonese opera Cantonese opera
143 Akiu no Taue Odori Akiu no Taue Odori
144 Škofja Loka Passion Play Škofja Loka Passion Play
145 Porphyrophora hamelii Porphyrophora hamelii
146 Bai choi Bai choi
147 gwo ka gwo ka
148 Kawagoe Hikawa Festival Kawagoe Hikawa Festival
149 Charreada Charreada
150 Honey hunting Honey hunting
151 Jeju Chilmeoridang Yeongdeunggut Jeju Chilmeoridang Yeongdeunggut
152 lacemaking in Croatia lacemaking in Croatia
153 Chakkirako Chakkirako
154 licitar licitar
155 El Güegüense El Güegüense
156 ftira ftira
157 Shiraz rug Shiraz rug
158 shashmaqam shashmaqam
159 Dainichido Bugaku Dainichido Bugaku
160 Procession of the Holy Blood in Bruges Procession of the Holy Blood in Bruges
161 Kashan rug Kashan rug
162 Seto leelo Seto leelo
163 Festivity of ‘la Mare de Déu de la Salut’ of Algemesí Festivity of ‘la Mare de Déu de la Salut’ of Algemesí
164 Ojiya-chijimi Ojiya-chijimi
165 Mibu no Hana Taue Mibu no Hana Taue
166 Owari Tsushima Tennō Festival Owari Tsushima Tennō Festival
167 pizzaiolo pizzaiolo
168 punto guajiro Punto Guajiro
169 Congolese rumba Congolese rumba
170 Holy Week in Popayán Holy Week in Popayán
171 Za križen Za križen
172 Sega tambour of Rodrigues Island Sega tambour of Rodrigues Island
173 Hitachi Fūryūmono Hitachi Furyumono
174 quan họ quan ho
175 Namur stilt jousting Namur stilt jousting
176 Daredevils of Sassoun Daredevils of Sassoun
177 Gadaa Gadaa
178 Pütchipü'ü Pütchipü'ü
179 Celestinian Forgiveness Celestinian Forgiveness
180 Daimokutate Daimokutate
181 Council of Wise Men of the plain of Murcia Council of Wise Men of the plain of Murcia
182 Azerbaijani carpet weaving Azerbaijani carpet weaving
183 montea montea
184 Kui Kui
185 Chovgan Chovgan
186 transhumance transhumance
187 Zhusuan Zhusuan
188 Argungu Fishing Festival Argungu Fishing Festival
189 Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Tournament Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Tournament
190 Petrykivka painting Petrykivka painting
191 Danza de tijeras Danza de tijeras
192 Jultagi Jultagi
193 dondang sayang dondang sayang
194 falak Falak Music
195 Fiesta de la Candelaria Fiesta de la Candelaria
196 bachata bachata
197 Giong Festival Giong festival
198 Hachinohe Sansha Festival Hachinohe Sansha Taisai
199 Wooden toys of Hrvatsko Zagorje Wooden toys of Hrvatsko Zagorje
200 Festivity of Saint Blaise, the patron of Dubrovnik Festivity of Saint Blaise, the patron of Dubrovnik